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Chemicals & Water Treatment


Keeping freshwater and saltwater pools and spas clean all year round is simple with Pool Safe Myanmar’s water treatment range. Featuring high quality products, we take care of everything from algae, stains, water balance and pH levels to maintain a crystal clear pool or spa year round.

Our Pool Chemical and Water treatment range includes:

• Myanmar’s biggest range of pool and spa chemicals
• Solutions to remove grime and organic build up
• Solutions to remove dissolved metallic compounds from pool water
• Most complete and effective range of algaecides to prevent stains, algae and metal corrosion
• Our colour coded labeling system makes it easy to find & use the products you need

Not sure what you need for your pool or spa installation? Contact us to discuss your needs today.

Sanitisers/Chlorine - Unstablised

Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
SC65040KGSuperchlor 650 40 kg
SC65020KGSuperchlor 650 20 kg
SC65010KGSuperchlor 650 10 kg

Sanitisers/Chlorine - Stabilised

Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
SSC90050KGLong Life Chlorine 50 kg
SSC90020KGLong Life Chlorine 20 kg
SSC90010KGLong Life Chlorine 10 kg
MC900MINI10KGMax Chlor 900 Mini Tablets 10 kg
MC900MINI5KGMax Chlor 900 Mini Tablets 5 kg
MCGIANT10KGMax Chlor Giant Tablets 10 kg
MCGIANT5KGMax Chlor Giant Tablets 5 kg
CG10KGChlorine Boost 10 kg

Balancing Chemicals

Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
PHPLUS20KGPh Plus 20 kg
PHPLUS10KGPh Plus 10 kg
HCL25LTLiquid Ph Minus 5 gl
HCL5LTLiquid Ph Minus 1 gl
ALPLUS20KGAlkalinity Plus 20 kg
ALPLUS10KGAlkalinity Plus 10 kg
HAPLUS20KGHardner Plus 20 kg
HAPLUS10KGHardner Plus 10 kg


Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
FO20KGFloc Out 20 kg
FO10KGFloc Out 10 kg
LCMIRACLEARMiraclear Pool Clarifier 50 g
LCSPKPILLSparkle Pill 125 g
WS1LTWater Shine 1 lt


Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
ALS5LTAlgastop 5 lt
ALS1LTAlgastop 1 lt

Specialty Chemicals

Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
PS20KGPoolsilk 20 kg
PS10KGPoolsilk 10 kg
1.5KGSENTPool Sentinel Tablets 1.5 kg


Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
ACDE20LTRDe Powder 20 kg
FS1ST25KGFilter Sand Gr.2 25 kg

Pool Salt

Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
PS25KGTRSPremium Pool Salt25 kg

Spa Chemicals

Stock CodeProduct DescriptionPackage Size
AQFE5LTAquafresh Enhance5 Lt
AQFS1KGAquafresh Sanitiser5 Lt
ASS1KGAquaspa Spa Shock1 Kg
ASS20KGAquaspa Spa Shock20 Kg
LCIFC500MLInstant Filter Cleaner500 Ml