A swimming pool has a transformative effect on the location and space that it occupies. Our first consultation meeting is important to understand your lifestyle habits, needs, wants and budget. We believe that the pool is one element of a larger landscape. Often we are asked to design a pool without an overall site plan. This can results in a pool that does not necessarily compliment the other elements included in the landscape.

Pools are luxury items and we believe that good planning and design are essential to achieving the desired outcome within the budget. You only build once and therefore choices of materials, equipment and detailing should be carefully considered to ensure that the pool remains timeless. Materials and equipment should be suitable for the locations climatic conditions whilst ensuring that pool is easy to maintain.



Soil Testing

Structural drawings based on the soil test results including approved engineering sign off.

Bill of quantity based on structural drawing(s), listing all materials required to build the pool to the required specifications.

Shop drawings

Equipment specifications

Cost estimates



Quite often, the construction of a swimming pool cannot be simply limited to the pool itself, as the location may require to structure the space surrounding the pool. Hardscaping, terracing, retaining walls, stairs, pergola…

The landscaping services we offer are necessary for a complete and functional concept and layout of the space between the house the garden and the pool.

This ensures the pool and it surrounds are complementary to the overall theme of the environment.

From design until completion, we will professionally manage your pool or spa construction project with pleasure!