A modular swimming pool is a pre-engineered pool construction, which is assembled and installed on site.

Our modular swimming pools are built utilising the most advanced clinch-lock technology for superior quality, reliability and durability.

In-Ground Pools


The steel is formed into custom made section panels, which are assembled together and interlocked in place via a concrete beam and floor. With the swimming pool shell installed on site, a sanitised waterproof PVC membrane is vacuum-sealed into the pool shell resulting in a satin smooth non-abrasive skin tight purpose designed swimming pool interior.

Modular swimming pool construction is both economical and suitable for virtually any ground conditions without the risk of cracking, warping or lifting which can be common in other pool constructions.

When installed, you can achieve the same look as a concrete pool at a fraction of the cost.

This swimming pool construction method provides outstanding durability.

Features and benefits of our in-ground swimming pools


  • Freedom of design: any shape, size and depth
  • Multiple options with depth and floor design
  • Utilises a PVC waterproof membrane – offering a low maintenance extremely durable purpose design pool finish
  • Fast installation – a swimming pool can be completed within 7 days
  • Low transport and handling costs – a crane is not needed
  • Ideal construction method for difficult sites
  • Warranty up to 10 years – conditions apply

Above Ground/Semi In-Ground Pools

Above Ground/Semi In-Ground Pools can be installed by a professional installer in as little as a day.

This means you can begin enjoying all the benefits of a backyard pool sooner than you may think.

Our popular braceless pools are sleek and streamlined, making them an ideal inground pool. When installed, you can achieve a similar look as an in-ground pool at a fraction of the cost.

You can specify variations to the size and shape of your pool to match the dimensions you’re after.
Compared with the expense and lengthy construction associated with a concrete pool, your Above Ground/Semi In-Ground Pool is easy to install.

Features and benefits of Above Ground & Semi In-Ground Pools


  • Components can easily be delivered on site (a metre wide pathway is sufficient)
  • Flexible Shapes and Sizes
  • Our above ground range is engineered for maximum strength and durability
  • Choice of installation above ground, semi in-ground
  • Our pools are ideal for land with steep slopes or hillsides
  • Warranty up to 15 years – conditions apply

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